Empowering women with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their reproductive & general health and educating men to support women in those decisions.

Our Goals

Our goals are to decrease fertility rates, decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies, increase the rates of contraceptive use and decrease the rates of complications due to early child birth and poorly spaced pregnancies. We can accomplish this by providing access to safe and effective family planning and other reproductive and general health services.

Health Care Services

Health care services are provided through our mobile health ambulance that travels to villages and slums on a daily basis and our permanent outpatient clinic -Krishna Clinic in Nehru Colony.

Why Adolescents?

356 million youth in India

And adolescent reproductive health education is nonexistent.
Misogynistic and ageist attitudes about adolescent girls are fairly universal across India and are manifested in key aspects of their lives: gender-based discrimination, early marriage and pregnancy, lack of education, and a dearth of formal employment opportunities. Poor reproductive health indicators show that a lack of this kind of education directly affects physical health through high rates of unsafe abortions, STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and RTIs (Reproductive Tract Infections), early marriage and pregnancy, and unmet needs for contraception.

Total beneficairies who received services

Women, Adolescent and children received direct health care services

Beneficiaries attented a health education classes

Adolescent Reproductive Health Education

Reproductive Health Patients


Medicines distributed

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

Antenatal care/ Postnatal care patients

Family Planning Counselling & Birth control

Pelvic Inflammatory disease

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Uterus Prolapse

Urinary Tract Infections




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