Board of Directors

Dr.Vijay P. Agarwal

The year 2016 has seen Bella Health remain on course with its vision of empowering women through education, primary healthcare, and facilitation of specialty care. I believe that we should take preventative, palliative and curative healthcare to the people, and not demand they come to providers for healthcare. By taking healthcare and health education to the door step, the team at Bella Health encourages greater participation through easier accessibility of our patients.

I believe healthcare is not about options and choices; healthcare is about compassionate care provided with respect for patient privacy, treating them with dignity and always remaining mindful of the ultimate trust our patients repose in us. The staff of Bella Health, led by Ms. Colette Smith, is our strongest asset and the reason for our organization success.

Ms. Smith and her support staff are true role models. They are why we have achieved what we have in the past five years. Their commitment to the cause is the fuel of this engine called Bella Health.

Colette Smith

Reproductive health problems remain the leading cause of ill health and death for women of childbearing age Worldwide. Some 222 million women who would like to avoid or delay pregnancy lack access to effective family planning. Nearly 800 women die every day in the process of giving life. About 1.8 billion young people are entering their reproductive years, often without the knowledge, skills and services they need to protect themselves. Our program helps dismantle the misconceptions about reproductive health and teach in depth about such sensitive topics as family planning, delivery, personal hygiene, Sexually Transmitted Infections / Reproductive Tract Infections and infertility. Our programs want to address the aforementioned problems by providing high quality health services supplemented with health education.