Message from our President & Founder

Dr. Vijay P. Agarwal,
Founder and President of Bella Health.

Dr. Vijay P. Agarwal

The past one year has been one of some difficulties and tribulations but thanks to the staff of Bella that we have continued to stay true to our pledge and provide healthcare to the women and children of Uttarakhand. We have been able to stay focused because of our team members’ hard work and their dedication.

Due to some unforeseen and unfortunate events over the last many months, Ms Colette Smith, our co-founder and COO Emeritus, has been unable to devote all her energies and resources to the growth of Bella Healthcare. However, the team that she has put in place, has followed her directions and continued to successfully strive to reach the goals set by her. Bella is now partnering with Max Foundation and providing health camps in a number of villages. We are also conducting classes in adolescent health education to the students of Uttarakhand Public Schools. These programs are very successful and with the support of our partners, we are looking forward to expanding them.

The future is bright. And we are impatiently waiting for Ms Colette Smith to return and lead Bella to  that bright future!  I want to take this opportunity to thank one and all, our staff members, our supporters and our partners (especially Ms Mohini Daljeet Singh) for their hard work, their support and their trust in our vision, called Bella.