Message from Our Vice President & Founder

Colette Smith

 Reproductive Health is the very heart of development and crucial to delivering the Bella Health vision – a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe, and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. 2016 was an exciting year and the Female Adolescent Reproductive Health program has been a great success. With much persuasion, we were able to launch out adolescent class in proscribed public schools in 2014. The content, educators and students have made this program high impact with documented substantial changes in positive knowledge, attitude and behaviour. The rigorous evaluation speaks volumes of itself. The community feedback has been positive and these tools will make the new generation healthier, their families and communities healthier.

Our program helps to dismantle the misconceptions about reproductive health and teach in depth about such sensitive topics. Our programs want to address the problems by providing high quality health services supplemented with health education.

        We want to empower women with education, so they can have a healthier life. We also want this education to begin young, so that a healthy life course approach is adopted early in order to be better maintained throughout the different stages of life and health.

Colette N. Smith,
Vice-President of Bella Health.